DLO Jam Jacket with Cord Management for 160 GB iPod classic (Black)

DLO Jam Jacket with Cord Management for 160 GB iPod classic (Black)

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Product Details
*Color: Black
*Brand: DLO
*Model: 008-1825
*Dimensions: 5.00" h x 1.30" w x 8.00" l, 3.00 pounds

*Gripable clear silicone case for your 160 GB iPod classic
*Earbud Management System secures cord and earbuds; provides total body and click wheel *protection
*Comfortable, form-fitting scratch and slip protection
*Access to all iPod classic controls and dock connector
*Charge and sync your iPod without removing it from the case

Editorial Reviews
Amazon.com Product Description The DLO Jam Jacket with earbud management is a superior, no-slip silicone case that adds a gripable layer of protection to your iPod classic. But grip is just the beginning--this high-quality, lint-free silicone also features a raised texture and integrated earbud management in one unique case.
Get a Grip, and Tame Your Earbuds
It's a Wrap!Tired of dealing with tangled cords and dangling earbuds? The Earbud Management System on the back of the Jam Jacket allows you to neatly wrap the cord behind your iPod, and safely stow your iPod earbuds while not in use. When it's time to jam, unwind only as much as you need--the handy side-notches will hold the cord in place, keeping the excess cable wrapped and out of your way.
Total Protection + AccessJam Jacket protects your iPod while allowing easy access to the hold switch and headphone jack. Plus, a thin layer of silicone provides click wheel protection and play-through access for seamless navigation of your iPod content. Jam Jacket also features open access to the iPod dock connector, so you can use your favorite charger or car accessory while your tunes stay protected.
Go ahead, slip the Jam Jacket onto your iPod classic for gripable protection and headphone management in one unique case.
What's in the BoxClear Jam Jacket for 160 GB iPod classic

Customer Reviews
Not very convenient to use While the product does offer some impact protection for the ipod it does not go on very easily nor does it over any screen protection. It offers this as a case that allows for easy docking but I did not find it be be so. I found it a lot easier to remove the product from the ipod and then replace it. It tore alittle along the side with just a few times of having to remove it. I would recommend something else if you are frequently docking your ipod or there a chance your screen may be scratched.
Useable... Since all iPod cases serve the same basic function I'll jst explaing the bad features of this one since it shares the same good features as every oother case. The rubber over the click wheel begins to streach after extended use causing it to ve less accurate after a while. Another probelm is ther is no form of screen protection. I liked this one to a point but quickly bought a replacement with screen protection.
eh... Pretty good product other than a couple of things; first of all, if you don't use the apple earbuds the back portion doesn't really have a function at all other than to make the ipod more bulky second and more importantly, the wheel cover is a huge problem, i actually cut mine out a few days after i got it. the wheel just doesnt work properly with the cover, and i think it is much better without it

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