Panasonic BL-C131A Network Camera Wireless 802.11

From Panasonic
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Product Description

Wireless Network Camera 802.11g, MPEG4, Automatic Network Configuration, Universal Plug and Play, Set-up Wizard, Remote Pan/Tilt Control, Built in PIR motion detector
Product Details

*Brand: Panasonic
*Model: BL-C131A
*Dimensions: 8.50" h x 10.00" w x 4.30" l, 4.00 pounds
*Native resolution: 320 x 240

*See There When You Can't Be There
*Control the Camera Remotely
*Sensor Recording
Customer Reviews
Excellent Turn-Key Network Cam This is an excellent product with a very intuitive software interface for manageing the camera. I found it to be very simple to set up with my wireless router. The whole process from opening the package to viewing the camera image on the internet took less than an hour. If you have never logged into and configured your router you are probably going to struggle more setting it up, however the instructions are very easy to follow so take your time and read each step carefully and you won't have any problem. I found it easier to view the camera over the internet directly to the camera's IP address rather than using the web address they provide for you. I can access the camera homepage on my Blackberry but the links for viewing or configuring aren't able to be activated, so I'm still trying to figure that part out. Be aware this camera requires power, so you need to plan for that wherever you are going to install it. This product exceeded my expectations and I recommend it for anyone for consumer use.
Great all around Camera ! Beware its not plug and play !! This is overall a great camera. If you are looking for a basic camera that allows you to watch your kids or pets than its great. Don't expect high resolutions or you will be disappointed. The camera is easy to install, but the wireless function requires a user with a little bit of knowledge in setting the network router. Great camera. I highly recommend it. To set up the wireless mode: Go Into your router and make sure it support port forwarding. Set both (the netcam and your router) with the same SSID name, and have both ports setup the same port number ( 50000). The manual doesn't help much, once you set up both port number to 50000 than switch to the wireless mode. I was having difficulty at first , but it is mostly due to the router setting. So make sure your router is set right , the camera just autodetect right out of the box !! But you have to manually go into the netcam setup to change the port number !! Good Luck !!
search a lot After researching a lot of home wireless security cameras I decided on this Panasonic. For the price and once you get the camera set up, this is a great little camera. Although I am pretty computer savy I spent 9 hours on a Saturday trying to get my two cameras set up. I finally gave up and called the Panasonic help desk. If you want to save some grief and frustration don't call the help desk on a weekend ! When I called back on Monday morning I got right to a technician who was very helpful and patient. About an hour with him on the phone and it was all done ! I even set it up so that I can access my cameras from my i-phone. How neat is that? Picture quality is pretty good..operation works flawlessly. For the money I highly recommend it.