BOSE(R) 901 Series VI - Walnut - Bose 901 Speakers review

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BOSE(R) 901 Series VI - Walnut Speaker System review
Product Description
The flagship 901 Direct/Reflecting stereo speakers bring the warmth, power and excitement of a concert hall or movie theater to your home. They create the mix of direct and reflected sound you hear in a live performance, to deliver a listening experience that conveys much of the emotion that only live music can evoke.901 speakers work by reflecting most of the sound off walls and other flat surfaces, instead of aiming all the sound toward you, as conventional speakers do. With Direct/Reflecting speaker technology, anything you listen to - from the latest DVD audio to your favorite vintage records - acquires lifelike realism, because the speakers reproduce the natural concert hall balance of direct and reflected sound.The result is the Stereo Everywhere speaker performance - stereo performance that is clear and lifelike everywhere in the room, instead of in just one "sweet spot." You'll experience balanced sound throughout the listening environment, no matter where you sit or stand.Just as you enjoy beautiful music reproduction from these speakers, you can also experience thrilling home theater effects from your home theater components. These speakers are an appropriate choice for use with your surround sound receiver, and can be used in conjunction with other Bose home theater speaker options.

Product Details

Brand: Bose 901 Speakers
Model: 901 Series
This speaker must be purchased as part of a package
The package must include (2) of the 901 Series VI speakers & (1) Bose Active Equalizer
Direct/Reflecting speaker technology
Nine 4 1/2 (11.4 cm) Helical Voice Coil drivers per enclosure
Acoustic Matrix speaker enclosure