Cranium Turbo Edition

Cranium Turbo Edition

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Product Description
Cranium Turbo Edition is the deluxe version of the popular game Cranium. It takes outrageous, something-for-everyone fun to a whole new level with 1,000 new cards, 16 activities and a faster pace. Cranium Turbo features Cranium favorites like sculpting, humming, drawing, and guessing, plus many other activities, including:
Zooma: What's in those pictures'
Odd Couple: What doesn't belong'
Star Performer: hum or whistle
Data Head: True or False'
Creative Cat: sketch or sculpt
Word Worm: spell backwards
Includes: Cranium board, 1,000 outrageous Cranium cards, a tub of cool Cranium Clay, and an electronic timer with music and lights. Requires 3 "AA" alkaline batteries, not included. For 4 or more players.

Product Details

Brand: Cranium Games
Model: 101040000.100E
Dimensions: 16.20" h x 10.70" w x 4.20" l, 6.95 pounds
Cranium Turbo Edition is the deluxe version of Cranium that cranks up outrageous fun with even more new ways to connect, celebrate, laugh hysterically, and high-five
Can you move a teammate's arms and legs like a puppet to get other players to guess the clue? Can you correctly guess a celebrity from three related clues?
Cranium Turbo is a great way to deliver the same outrageous fun of original Cranium, with all the same shining opportunities and laugh-out-loud moments!
Includes game board, 1,000 outrageous game cards -- including Turbo Rally cards -- 16 activities (with 6 not found in original Cranium), an electronic timer with music and lights, a tub of cool Cranium Clay, pads and pencils, and 4 Turbo game pieces
Recommended for adults and teens