Cutco White Space Saver Set #1847W

Cutco White Space Saver Set #1847W
From Cutco knives
Product Description
Clever and compact! This efficient cutlery combination is ideal for your summer cottage, RV or any place space is a premium. Swing-arm oak storage block hangs on the wall, fits in a drawer or takes up little space on your counter. Set includes: 4" Paring Knife7-5/8" Petite Chef, 6-3/4" Petite Carver, Trimmer, 2-3/4" Paring Knife, Sharpener, FREE Cutting Board and Space Saver Block. Knives come in pearl (white) handles. Great gift item! About Cutco: Cutco is one of the largest manufacturers and sellers of high-quality cutlery in North America. Cutco offers a forever performance guarantee, a forever sharpness guarantee, and a forever replacement service agreement for misuse or abuse. Experience the difference with Cutco's quality cutlery!
Product Details
Gourmet Food
Brand: Cutco Cutlery - Cutco knives
Dimensions: 14.00 pounds
World's finest cutlery
Brand NEW item
Knives covered by Cutco's forever guarantee
Great gift idea
Comfortable, universal design

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