NHS Bullet Skateboard Trucks - 105mm Wide - Set of 2 Trucks

NHS Bullet Skateboard Trucks - 105mm Wide - Set of 2 Trucks

From Bullet - Skateboard Trucks

Product Details
Sports & Outdoors
Brand: Bullet - Skateboard Trucks
Model: 33131049-32249
Released on: 2007-10-01

Narrow Trucks for Vertical Roller Skates I searched the internet for a suitable set of trucks with which to construct a new pair of roller skates for use in skateparks around San Antonio and Austin, or anywhere else that I might venture. I found these narrow 105mm trucks made by Bullet and decided to try them out, purchasing 2 sets. After skating them for the first time, I have no regrets about my purchase... none whatsoever. They are straight and true in every aspect, the housing is strong and the kingpin is above the level of the truck axle housing which allows for smooth grinds. I would recommend these trucks for price and function, and super save shipping makes these a real bargain...just don't expect to get them fast, free shipping usually takes time. Homemade vert roller skates with skateboard trucks beat any of the limited ability stuff manufactured by Sure Grip, and these Bullet 105 have just the right dimensions to get the job done.

by: jokekl