KEF iQ70WA Floor Standing Speakers (Single, Walnut) From KEF

KEF iQ70WA Floor Standing Speaker (Single, Walnut)

From KEF Speakers

Product Description

The 2.5-way iQ70WA floor standing loudspeaker pairs a single 6.5 inch woofer driver with a ported, bass-reflex enclosure, producing controlled, efficient bass. For an expanded, encompassing soundstage, the iQ70WA's 0.75 inch tweeter is place at the acoustic center of the 6.5 inch midrange driver, allowing both drivers to operate in unison. Experience all the nuances of your favorite movie dialogue and album tracks.

Product Details

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Color: American Walnut
  • Brand: KEF Speakers
  • Model: iQ70WA
  • Dimensions: 39.13" h x 17.25" w x 12.50" l, 38.00 pounds


  • 3-way floor standing speaker
  • 165-millimeter (6.5-inch) woofer, 165-millimeter (6.5-inch) Uni-Q 19-millimeter (0.75-inch) aluminum dome tweeter
  • Fully curved enclosures minimize distortion by eliminating internal standing waves
  • Includes all features of the KEF iQ90 in a slimmer, more compact package
  • Sold as a single speaker