Bose Wave Radio II - Platinum White

Bose Wave Radio II - Platinum White
From Bose Radio
Product Description
The Wave radio II delivers deeper tones and crisper, more accurate audio performance than the original. The key to the improved sound is the new dual tapered waveguide technology, exclusively from Bose. Engineers re-sculpted the interior of the Wave radio II to accommodate not one, but two 26" folded waveguides. These dual waveguides amplify the low-frequency output, reproducing musical notes a full one-half octave lower than the original Wave radio. The result: Instruments like kettle drums and bass guitars have a more natural presence. With such accurate sound reproduction, you can appreciate more of the intricate nuances of many instruments, including the human voice. You may even hear details in music that you've never heard before. There's also a new equalization feature for talk radio. It automatically compensates for the artificially boosted low frequencies found in some talk radio programs so announcers sound more natural. The Wave radio II is simple to use. Instead of buttons on the unit, everything is conveniently controlled with a well-organized credit card-sized remote. And setup is easy too. The digital FM/AM tuner, amplifiers and speakers are all built into the unit. Just unpack it and plug it in to enjoy Bose quality sound. The display panel is large and bright, with big, bold text that's easier to read from across the room. It displays more information now too. Radio station, current time and alarm setting are all shown simultaneously. You can also use your Wave radio II to enjoy lifelike sound with your TV, VCR, DVD player or computer, thanks to the auxiliary input jack. Or plug your headphones into the convenient headphone jack for private listening. You can even place the Wave radio II near your TV or computer monitor because the speakers are magnetically shielded to avoid interference with the picture image. SPECIAL OFFER: Receive a free premium backlit remote when you purchase by 3/31/09.

Product Details
Brand: Bose Radio
Dimensions: 4.20" h x 14.60" w x 8.60" l,
SPECIAL OFFER: Receive a free premium backlit remote when you purchase by 3/31/09.
Engineered to a bold new standard for crisper, more accurate sound than the original Wave radio
Easy to use: no buttons, and the credit card-sized infrared remote controls all functions
Distinctive and elegant design: streamlined styling